Hair Transformations & Reviews

  • Argan Enriched Amazing!

    Argan enriched duo is outstanding. It leaves my hair feeling thick and nourished. I rarely have split ends when using this SLB duo. It gives me that salon feeling after every use. You can tell how much love has gone into creating these products. Highly recommend!

  • Heat Protection Serum!

    The heat protection serum is great at protecting your hair. Hair straighteners and dryers do so much damage and as i do this daily before work the serum helps reduce any damage. It also helps prevents frizz for me and i have very curly hair.

  • Heat Protection Spray

    Thanks Sarah for recommending your amazing heat protection spray. I have been so frustrated with my hair being burnt by straighteners but using your products have significantly helped this. All I need to do is shake and spray and no more burning my hair, I love how low maintenance the use is!

  • Seville Orange Candle!

    This candle is so fragrant. Even before lighting the candle it smells amazing. The smell really does travel throughout the house. Such a fresh and luxurious smelling candle. I will definitely be purchasing more!

  • Anti Wrinkle Day and Night Cream

    I need everyone to know just how amazing the SLB wrinkle cream is. I have been using the product now for 28 days and the results are just out of this world! I feel my skin tightening as soon as I use both day and night cream. I did weekly photos to see the difference and I was shocked even by the first week. It is simply just amazing. I can not recommend these products enough! It is definitely the best I have used!

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  • Argan Enriched Duo!

    I must say I have been using the Argan Enriched shampoo and conditioner since it has been launched and my hair is absolutely amazing, I have never had better hair. Everyone who knows me all comment about how much my hair has changed so much in the time I have been using the products, after menopause my hair was so sparse but now it is so thick and shiny the products really do speak for themselves!

  • Miracle Moisture duo!

    This shampoo and conditioner really is as it says, a miracle! I can not believe how much my hair has changed so much. My hair was so dry before using this shampoo, after every use I feel so refreshed and I just know my hair thanks me!

    I really have said goodbye to my dull and dry hair because I will never stop using these products 100% recommend!